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sunset plane imageVacationDM is more than an information website. It is a place where ordinary people come and visit in order to have the place to check out for tips and budget deals. I am offering more than a piece of information to be used. I am offering an entire package wherein you will be able to travel on a budget, be able to create your very own itinerary and spend a good amount of money. Then, enjoy everything!

Eiffel tower reflection in camera lenses imageIf you are in, then make sure you browse around my site and read everything. You will be totally amazed as to the information I am going to share plus tips wherein you can get budget deals on your own. I am also a budget traveler. I do know how it feels like having to budget your cash in order to have enough to use when you are out there and when you arrive home. Enjoying your vacation is another thing. This would be made possible if you know how to do it.

At VacationDM, you will be taught on how to go about traveling on a budget. What you need to do and not to do when you are going to book for a flight, a hotel room and even to the point of what you must eat and do. Of course, you have the leeway in choosing the activities you need to do. The rest will be all up to you.

The best part of it all, I will be right here to answer all your inquiries if you have any. You can always drop me an email or two if you think you get confused or would want an expert’s advice. Think of having me as your travel buddy. You will surely love talking or exchanging emails with me for sure!

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Pre-Travel Checklist for Travelling Overseas

Unless you have an experienced travel team ala Queen Elizabeth II, travelling overseas involves plenty of planning even when your plans involve living in hostels, hitchhiking, and living on a tight budget. Here are a few things that everybody should take note when travelling overseas.

  • Plan your itinerary

Where are you going? When will you be going? What is the purpose of your travel (e.g., business or pleasure or both)? Your answers to these questions will determine many things, such as the things to pack, the documents to secure, and the people to contact, among others.

Tip: Pack light to breeze through customs. You can probably buy a few things while in your destination.

  • Get healthy

Even when you consider yourself relatively healthy, you should always get appropriate medical advice before travelling overseas. Keep in mind that each country has its own health threats for visitors so it pays to ask your doctor about vaccinations, insect repellents, and maintenance medications including their prescriptions.

  • Do your research

Regardless of your destination, you should also do your research about the people and the place. Read up about the dos and don’ts of local customs, transportation, and weather as well as the contact information and location of hospitals, embassy, and tourist centers, among others. The more informed you are, the better for your safety and security on the trip.

  • Check your finances

Even on a budget, you should always check your finances so that you will not end up in awkward situations. Call your bank to inform them about your overseas travel plans. Plan the types of cards (e.g., credit and debit cards as well as ATM cards) you will be taking coupled with dollars and the local currency. Contact a trusted friend or family member who can arrange for an emergency transfer, just in case.

Be sure to get your travel papers in order, too. These include your passport and visa, travel and medical insurance policy, and ticket details as well as your emergency phone numbers, all of which should be stashed safely in your person (i.e., use a money bag or money belt). Photocopy these papers, too.